Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things You Should Never Scrimp on Your Wedding

Weddings can be very expensive so it is important for brides-to-bes and grooms-to-bes to know their priorities so they can put their moolah where it is really needed. I have learned a thing or two about this when preparing for our wedding and I will surely use this hard earned knowledge on our renewal of vows ten years from now. So what to splurge on and what to scrimp on? Here's what I have found out (but not listed in order of priority):

1. Your wedding rings

After all is said and done, your wedding rings are the only thing that will be left with you. It is the symbol of your love and devotion to each other and it is not one of the things you should cut back! In our case, we bought a really expensive set. My husband was hesitant at first since it costs so much with 9 diamonds on each ring. But after I point out that it is the only thing in the wedding for the couple, he gladly surrendered to my desire to have the most beautiful wedding rings we can afford.

2. Photos and Videos

You may have a very beautiful wedding but if it is not properly documented then all is wasted. We all need a reminder of how that special day progressed. Also, the emotions on that day are priceless. This is one of our regrets. I wish I have spent more on photos by getting a back up photographer so we'll have more photos from different perspectives. I'll expand on that on another article. Basically all I am saying is pictures are priceless! I'm sure your children would love to see how happy and inlove their mommy and daddy are on their wedding day.

3. Venue

One of the things that will set the mood of the wedding. It is also something the guests will remember. Select a good venue and it may save you a lot of money in the process.

4. Food

Ah, the guests will really remember this one. Under feed your guests and your wedding will be something your guests will regret going to after. Food quality is important too so be sure to choose your caterer wisely. Also, be sure to have a taste test too before having that dish on your menu. You don't want to be surprised on your wedding day do you?

5. Emcee

I once attended a wedding where the host really stinks! The wedding was really beautiful but come reception time we can't help but cringe everyt ime the host would say something. We ended up correcting her (among ourselves of course) everytime she delivers her script. So never ever scrimp on this one by getting someone who is not that experienced or worse getting a relative or friend do it for you unless they are adept in hosting. Hosting is different from conversing. Never mistake the two to be one and the same.

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Rochie said...

This is a really helpful article. :)
I totally agree with number 1, 2 and 4. Those are our priorities tlaga. hehehe.

SwitSexyThing said...

Glad you appreciate the article. :)

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