Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fortun Shoes

We are fortunate enough to be allowed by Attorney Raymond Fortun to feature here his photos. He is known for taking creative shots of his brides shoes and for his calendar he chose twelve that are the most unique. Here they are.

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Ish Diamante said...

Sure, I already linked you in my blog, just tell me when you already link-back. Nice blog by the way, I think photographers should focus on little details like the brides shoes.... I supposed to get Atty. fortune as my back-up photographer but unfortunately he's not available on our wedding date.

SwitSexyThing said...

Thanks. Will tag you once I did. Will be able to do so this week. You're right, little details need special attention too. Sayang you didn't get him. He's not that pricey and the output is nice. Have you tried Paul Vincent? His back up services is just 12K, I think.

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