Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Typhoon Wedding Story

By now I am sure that a lot of people, especially Filipino Bride-to-Bes and Groom-to-Bes have already heard of the story of the couple who were to get married in Fernbrook last September 26, the day Typhoon Ondoy brought Luzon to its knees. The wedding still pushed thru despite having only 20 guests. The typhoon destroyed all of their preparations taking with it their dream of having a beautiful wedding not to mention lots of wasted resources. I just wanted to share here what goes on in the mind of a bride whose dream wedding is crumbling before her very eyes for this thing happened to me. Not as severely, thank god. But I can relate to what the couple must have felt on that day.

No storm was scheduled on November 9, 2008. The sky was cloudy, yeah, but I was not worried. My make up artist, Val Villarin, said that the sky in Fernwood is so dark that it might rain there very hard. I said I wish it will rain now so that when the wedding starts, the sky will be clear again.

It did rain soon around 12 PM. Thank god Niceprint was already there as well as my OTD Redawn Events. Some of my coordinator's team left before 1pm together with the other make up artists. My dad was to give them a ride. My groom was to check in at Fernwood's preparation room at 1PM and he needs them there. I was not worried they'll be late. It was Sunday so traffic shouldn't be heavy. I was having a ball having my picture taken when I recieved a text from Jay around 2PM.

Hmm, so it's raining really hard in Fernwood. Still I was not worried. It's not raining that hard in Edsa Shangrila so I thought Jay is just feeling panicky. But I started panicking when Jay called near 2:30PM to tell me that my dad still hasn't arrived. So that means that my groom is still not prepared and that my dad is traveling for almost 1 and half hours when it should have taken him 30 minutes tops to cover the trip! What is going on here? Just then Ness texted me to tell inform me that QC circle is flooded and that traffic is really heavy. The cars are not moving and near 3PM they still haven't reached their destination and the wedding is at 4:30PM! I was told to leave the hotel asap. She fears I won't get there on time. Also, my dad won't be able to go back to the hotel to change and join us in the family photos. My mom is getting irrtated at the weather and at me.

But leaving the hotel proved to be another challenge. The bridal car has no flowers and decorations since the flowers will be coming from 15-58 at Fernwood and my dad was supposed to bring that back with him. So the driver left and looked for flowers so we have to wait for it. By this time rain is coming really hard and it's nearing 4PM.

I was on the road by 4PM. My family has to hitch a ride with a relative because my dad has the car. So I called my mom to remind her of my dad's barong and other things. Good thing I did because she nearly left the hotel without it! Imagine my dad walking me down the aisle in casual clothes...if the wedding will push through that is! I was stuck in traffic for the longest time and water even gushed inside my car. I'm praying the priest will be late so that even if we start really late I won't be admonished - if he allows us to start really late that is. While travelling I was texting my guests of the situation and of alternate routes. My guests are coming from as far as La Union and I fear they won't be able to come. I was panicking but I don't want to show I was. In the end I stopped caring anymore. WHAT'S IMPORTANT FOR ME IS THAT THE WEDDING WILL PUSH THROUGH. I don't care anymore if I was late. I don't care anymore if I have no guests. I don't care anymore if everything got screwed up. I JUST WANT THE WEDDING TO BE OVER AND DONE AND BE MARRIED! My groom is already there so that's what really matters.

I finally arrived and the wedding finally started nearly 6PM. Good thing were the only couple scheduled to get married at Fernwood that day. So imagine my surprise when I walked into that chapel and see it full with people I love attending our wedding despite the awful weather (I was later informed that rains are also heavy in Pampanga). My happiness increased ten folds when I saw Jay beaming at me at the end of the aisle. In the end, all's well that ends well. I know that is what the couples who got married in September 26, 2009 thought so too. In the end, what's important is that we got married on our chosen day with the person we love the most in this world. And that's what weddings are all about, right?

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