Friday, September 25, 2009

Announcement! A Photo Contest for B2Bs and G2Bs!

Hi, guys! Happy Friday! I want to share with you this message,which was sent to me by my friend Summer who is also the head organizer of the 6th Edition of Before I Do Bridal Fair. Here is her message which I'm sure will interest a lot of soon to wed couples out there.


On the 6th Edition of Before I Do Bridal Fair, we are inviting you and your friends / clients to be part of this event as we hold another photo contest for soon-to-wed couples.

If you have prenup photo happy friends / clients who are getting married in the months of December 2009 to May 2010, invite them to join our "The Best Prenup Photo Contest"! If their entry wins, they get a cupcake tower from Little Cakes. The top 5 entries also gets a framed blow up portrait of their entry as an early wedding gift from us.

For copies of the application form or if you have any concern, please do not hesitate to call us at 8093119 or 0917 6307787. You can also email us at

I urge you guys to join. And speaking of contests, this blog will hold one soon! Will announce it soon so please hold your seats! =)

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datingrelationship-advice said...

Good site.

SwitSexyThing said...

Thank you. Thank you also for visiting. Please link us. :)

Rochie said...

Hi Arvee,

Love your site. So informative and it gives me ideas what to add to my wedding too! :)


SwitSexyThing said...

@ Rochie:

Hi, I am glad that I am fulfilling my site's vision then. I'll make your remark an inspiration to make it better. Keep coming back and I hope you'll spread the word about us! Good luck on your wedding preparations. If you have suggestions on topics just tell me. =) mwah!

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