Monday, May 25, 2009

Making Marriage Work

This may not be wedding related but I still want to share it here. It's an article about preserving one's marriage. After all, a wedding is just a mark of the beginning of the bigger picture which is marriage. So if we are very keen on planning our wedding then we should be keener in making our marriage work. Here's the article which was from Reader's Digest:

Marriage may be a two-way street, but that doesn’t mean you should travel in oppos­ite directions. Experts know what steers good marriages; here are some couple-strengthening tips:

Talk, but don’t talk back. Tell your partner how you feel and what you need. When you’re the listener, don’t criticise, debate, dismiss or problem-solve. Recognise that your partner’s concerns are as import­ant as yours.

Be optimistic. Keep your comments positive - even when discussing problems - and make the effort to remember and appreciate the good in your relationship.

Learn to leave an argument before it’s out of control. Tactics include cracking a joke, showing appreciation and backing down.

Share your dreams. And find a way to help your spouse realise his or hers.

Be flexible. When your spouse asks you to be accommodating, try.

Go on a date. Couples need time as two­somes, to reconnect.

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