Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fire Lanterns for Weddings

Fire lanterns popularity has sky rocketed since they have been used in the much awaited and very controversial Judy Ann and Ryan wedding. A good alternative to fireworks, these fire lanterns are so easy to use not to mention a lot safer too. You just light it and as it goes hot so it goes up! It can stay airbourne for 10 minutes or so and will gently float down to earth once it losses its gas.

fire lanterns
Fire Lanterns

You can opt to just light one for making a wish or go crazy and get hundreds to give to each and every one of your guests to light. You can certainly make you imagination go wild in using fire lanterns in your wedding.

You may now get those pretty fire lanterns locally by visiting this site. Best use for beach wedding or any outdoor weddings. They will certainly add drama and flair to any occassion.

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