Friday, February 12, 2010

Hidden Costs in Weddings

Weddings can be really costly so it is important to know where you are planning on putting your money. Unfortunately, there are some hidden costs in weddings that you won't know of until you are already planning and has to fork up the money for it. Here are the things that made our budget ballooned. A heads up for all the couples planning their wedding.

1. Jewelry

My gown has already been drawn for me by my designer and it was everything I have dreamed of up until I realized I have no jewelry to go with it! What's a gown with no matching jewelry? The result? We have to buy jewelry to match my gown. So that's how many thousands pesos extra that we have to fork up. Of course we can easily borrow but it is hard to find jewelry that will complete the look you are aiming for. So my advise is to consider your jewelry on hand before you have your gown designed to avoid having to buy just to fit your outfit.

2. Suppliers Food

Getting ready for the big day will require hours. If you're getting married in the afternoon expect your suppliers to be with you as early as 8-9 am. So that means you have to feed them lunch and dinner instead of just during your reception. Consider this when you are planning what time you are to get married ince this can easily amount to P3,000 or more.

3. Transportation and Communication Costs

Organizing and coordinating you big day can easily add to a big amount of pesos especially if you are not based where your wedding is going to be held. So allocate more or less 5 digits of moolah for this so you won't be surprised where your money went when you haven't even paid a major supplier yet.

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