Friday, January 22, 2010

How To Save on Your Wedding

Having a beautiful wedding doesn't have to equal to breaking the bank. Here are some ideas on how you can save on your wedding.

1. Don't Invite People Who Don't Matter

A wedding is an event for the family so don't go inviting people who don't really matter. As a wise friend once said, "it's your wedding not a political gathering." Also a wedding is not a popularity contest. Limit your guest list to family and friends you are really close with to avoid stress.

2. Get Only a Photographer's Service

If you are low on cash, you can opt to just get the services of a photographer and have your album printed later on. There are a lot of shops now in malls offering such services. They even provide nice layouts that is easy to follow for people who are not that adept in album lay outing.

3. Forget the Cake

A wedding cake can be really costly so for people on the budget you can choose not to have one custom made for you. Ask your caterer if a cake is included in their package and settle for that. If in case a cake is not included, you can push to have that included as a freebie instead.

4. Ride Your Own Car

If you have your own car or if your family has their own car then there's no need for you to rent one for your wedding. A wedding car can range from P4,000-P15,000. Imagine the dent that will make to your wallet! So let go of your dream of having a vintage car. What's important is you have something to ride on to go to your wedding.

5. Ditch the Free Dresses

If you are strapped for cash then you can ask your entourage to shoulder their own attire for your wedding. People who really care for you will be more than happy to do so. Or you can just rent. A lot of bridal shops allow couples to rent dresses of their own design and for first time use. So it's like having one custom made for your entourage but for a much much lower price.

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