Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beautifying for That Big Day

Preparing for the big day not only means booking suppliers but also preparing your appearance as well. In my case, my husband and I tried to lose weight, had facials to clean our skin and had our teeth cleaned. I even had my seryngoma, a skin condition I got from my Dad wherein small dots appear beneath the eyes, cauterized. Ouch! They are not really noticeable but hey, it's my wedding, and I need to look perfect. Some bride to bes even go to the extend of having their armpits' hair removed by lazer or even having liposuction. So what to do if you are on a budget and you need to pamper yourself for your wedding day? Why not just avail of Sephora's new product for bride to bes? Introducing Philosophy The Bridal Party. This is Sephora's newest collection of shower gels inspired by wedding traditions which come in three variations: Wedding Cake Ultra-Delicious Shower Gel, Bubbly Ultra-Rich Shower Gel and Bridal Bouquet Ultra Feminine Shower Gel. All are in 6 oz bottles and will come in a signature boz so it is also perfect for bridal shower gifts to your soon to be married friends.

This great beauty product is sold locally at The House of Flair.

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