Tuesday, November 17, 2009

To Have a Coordinator or Not: That is the Question

There was a time when regular weddings don't have coordinators. Weddings that do have coordinators are viewed as extravagant. I remember my Mom criticizing us and saying we don't need a coordinator even if it's only an On the Day Coordinator but I insisted on having one. Why? Here are my reasons.

1. A Wedding is a Family Affair. I don't want any relative or even a friend getting tired and not enjoying the day with us.

My bestfriend had the kind of wedding where her family and relatives helped and it ended up with her Mom not being able to attend the ceremony because she got hypertension due to stress. I know that her Mom meant well but I think she would have preferred to have her there in the church than at home (they had a residential reception) manning the food and the set-up. Also not having a coordinator would mean you are in charge of everything. Imagine asking your entourage to line up for the procession as what my friend was doing minutes before her walk. Such stress is not needed on your wedding day where you need to be your most radiant.

2. Not all people can do organizing and coordinating.

Me and hubby are in the events business and we had our share of people who THINKS that they can organize and coordinate events but in truth they cannot. Contrary to popular belief, this is hard work. So don't entrust your most special day to people who are not professionals. Unless they had a gazillion experience especially in handling weddings then go ahead and risk it. But if it were me I wont.

3. Weddings are all about details, details, details!

Planning your own wedding can be really hard and a lot of brides wonder if they forgot something to do in the process. A lot of brides do forget and that is why you need the guidance of a coordinator. Even if you're getting only an On the Day Coordinator it will keep your mind at ease that you are not forgetting anything for your big day.

A coordinator would mean added expense but I think it is one expense worth having especially on this most special day of your lives.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more...

SwitSexyThing said...

Glad you agree. :)

nurseabie said...

How much is the fee for on the day coordinator?

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