Friday, October 2, 2009

A Wedding Bright Idea: Do-It-Yourself Unique Wedding Bouquet

Here is an item a bride proudly shares to us as this is a gift, actually a labor of love, of her groom for her on their wedding day. Made of copper wire and crystal beads, Reynold thought that this wedding bouquet will make his Arleen the happiest since it is very unique and at the same time it will also satisfy her practical side as she thinks that flowers are one of impractical expenses of a wedding since they just wilt the next day.

Here are some photos of the lovely bouquet with the proud blushing bride.

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jhonnie said...

Hi arvee,

nice website.... hope to share mine too...



SwitSexyThing said...

hi jhonnie!

i would love to feature u! please send me photos at

thank u for reading!

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