Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Five Things to Do To Jumpstart Your Wedding Preparations

A wedding is a very detail oriented occasion that a bride and groom to be can't help but feel overwhelmed at the start of their wedding preparations. At least that's how me and Jay felt when trying to start our preparations. What to do first? What to prioritize? Everything just seem so important and is screaming for our attention! Again, as per experience, I put together this list to help out those clueless couples out there who are still in the clouds after getting engaged. Hope it will be helpful to you guys.

1. Set the Date

This will be the foundation of everything! How can you announce your engagement if you don't even have a date? Most importantly, how will you book your suppliers if you don't know what date to tell them?

2. Inform the Parents

In this modern day and age, we still give a lot of importance as to what our parents will say about our wedding. We may be paying for everything but their nod of approval and their happiness is still essential to our peace of mind. Besides, the date may change once you have talked to your parents because a lot of things stilllhave to be considered like the arrival of relatives, our siblings getting married etc.

3. Book the Church and Your Wedding Venue

Once you have finally settled the wedding date, you can now proceed to book the church and your venue. Booking the church and the wedding reception venue is on the top of the suppliers list since they will determine the rates of your other suppliers. Suppliers may charge less or more depending on the distance of your venue from their point of origin. They may also charge you out of town charges if your wedding happens to be outside Metro Manila.

4. Book Your Caterer

After the church and the wedding reception venue, book your caterer if your venue won't be providing the food. I put this second in the list because this is the largest and one of the most important suppliers you are going to have on your wedding. Heck, this will determine the outcome of your whole reception since the caterer will not be just providing the food but also your set-up, flowers and cake.

5. Book Your Photographer and Videographer

The third on my supplier list since again your photographer and videographer will have a big impact on your wedding. Why? As I've said in my other article on this site, you may have the wedding of the year but if not properly documented then everything is wasted. Also, top photographers and videographers take only one client a day and are almost always fully booked so it is better to book early.

After doing all of these things, you can now enjoy the ride that the wedding preparations will put you through. The "worse" is over as they say. Just relax and everything will fall into place.

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