Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dogs and Weddings

Pet lovers can also incorporate their beloved pets in their wedding just like what we did in ours. Meet Deng Deng or Twinkle Salazar as she is known in our wedding invitations. She is our Shitzu-Maltese who is also our flower girl during our wedding. Like the other flower girls, she also wore a pink gown and fairy wings. She looks so adorable that she is one of our wedding highlights! Guests are just lining up to have their picture taken with her. We breathed a sigh of relief when Fernwood said that dogs/pets are allowed in their premises and chapel else goodbye Fernwood for us. That's how important she is to us! =) Here are a few of her adorable shots:

Twinkle with my parents

Deng Deng Twinkle

Twinkle with her dog bearer Cousin Kay walking down the aisle

Do you have photos of your pets on your wedding? Send us some shots at and we'll feature it here. =)

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Anonymous said...

wow. may pic si kaykay. haha. :D

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