Friday, September 18, 2009

Candy Stations from Candy Corner

You might have noticed that I have been posting here Candy Stations in leau of Dessert Buffets. But those samples I have featured are from American weddings. Now you can have the same beautiful candy station in your own wedding. Candy Corner is now offering Candy Stations for interested grooms and brides out there! And what beautiful set ups they have. They are kind enough to send us samples.

Interested in having this Candy Corner set up in your wedding? Message me here. =)

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maan said...

sis, I'm interested. do you have their rates and inclusions? :D please pm me:

SwitSexyThing said...

il ask my friend to get in touch with u. marketing sya ng candy corner eh and she is the one who asked me to past this. :)

A Nautical Wedding said...


This is a very innovative concept, kudos to you for exploring this..

I am drolling watching at these photos. -lol

during our wed preps, it was the personalized m&m's that is making the waves, however it won't suit our chosen theme..

since ours was a nautical wedding, nothing will suit best except for lifesaver candies-- sad to say it was not readily available in the market... good thing hubby was then in the US and i asked him to bring 15lbs. of lifesavers in rolls and in single packets.. lol.. not to mention those i ordered from my sister.. ha ha

Had it not been for them, I could have settled with the one in the photo (round mint candy with green and red trimming).

SwitSexyThing said...

150 lbs? Whoa! U really are intent to follow your theme ha. Yah, it is a good concept and a lot of wawies are interested. My friend is the marketing manager of Candy Corner and she asked me to post this. Two birds in one stone. :)

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