Friday, September 11, 2009

A Bride's Bag: Why Bring One on Your Wedding?

One of a bride's accessories is her trusted bag. It is considered more of as a necessity than a decorative ornament that you don't even have to tell your designer to make you one anymore; it is always considered as a given when you have your wedding gown made. So why is a bag important in a wedding aside from the obvious that this is where the cash and cheque gifts go to? Here are some stuff that are a must in a bride's bag:

1. Lipstick in the same shade as what you are donning that day and press powder that will compliment your foundation shade

Most make up artists leave before the reception starts. So how will you touch up for photos after eating that scrumptious meal? Having your own lipstick and press powder will come in handy in this situation. You may ask your make up artist what brand and color she will use on you on your trial make up so you can buy yourself a spare for this purpose.

2. Breath Mints or Breath Spray

For lovely breath all through out your wedding. I have personally used breath spray for this purpose since I don't like the after taste of mint in my tongue. All that smiling and talking with a lot of people can make your breath stale so it is better to spray some in your mouth every now and then.

3. Perfume/Cologne

Buy a small spray bottle for this so it will fit in your bag. You are your loveliest on your wedding day so it is important that you smell good all throughout the occasion. For the bride who perspires a lot (like me), I even bought with me a small deodorant to use before the reception starts. You may have your AC in full blast but being in the limelight can surely make you perspire a lot.

4. Packet of tissue

To dab those sweat beads from your face. Using a handkerchief for this purpose is not really a good idea since your make up can stick to the cloth. You don't want to be seen holding a "rag" do you?

5. Oil Blotter Tissue

For the oily faced bride; to blot the oil from her face for the photo-ops. This may also substitute a press powder if you failed to bring one.

6. Celphone

You never know when an emergency can come up so it is best to have a celphone in handy for this purpose. Have your coordinator's number in memory so it will be easier to contact her. I have called my coordinator like five times before walking down the aisle and that is just with me sitting in the bridal car waiting for my turn to walk. Calling her sure beats having someone look for her which will take time and effort.

7. Cash

Don't forget to bring extra cash with you. You never know when you might need it.

The Bride's Bag: Don't Leave Home Without It

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