Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wedding Tip for the Week

It is getting to be a trend these days to have the entourage gowns and suits/barongs tailored or bought by the couple. This could easily dent your budget a hefty P10,000-20,000. Those are not small figures, my friends. But why spend that much for dresses that your entourage will not wear ever again if you can just rent and spend just a little? Contrary to popular belief, gown renting will not make your entourage look cheap on your big day. There are a lot of bridal shops who allow their clients to dictate the design of the gowns they are to rent. Clients just have to submit a picture of the designs they want and the bridal shop will have their seamstress copy the gowns. The clients will then have the privelage of having their entourage wear their gowns of choice for the first time. In my case, I rented my entourage gowns for a measly P300/gown (P250 only if they turn out to be short gowns) and P150/barong which leaves us only with P3,000 to spare for the entourage gowns and suits. But if you really are adamant in having your entourage's attire designed especially for your guys and girls then you can just ask them to pay for theirs as their wedding gift for you.

Beautiful Entourage Gowns and Barongs that were Just Rented

Hope this helps!


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