Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding Tip for the Week

It may not be known to many, like me for example when I started preparing for my wedding, that suppliers prices can be haggled. Yes, those prices are not fixed contrary to popular belief. Not only that but you can get tons of freebies and add ons from your suppliers depending only on how you can charm and convince them in giving you one. Here are some of the most common discounts, freebies and add ons suppliers give to brides and grooms:


- VAT charge (some caterers only)
- suppliers food (either decrease in price or you can get for free)
- upgrade of food and desserts
- upgrade of setting
- upgrade to tiffany chairs
- additional station
- additional food
- additional drinks

Photos and Videos

- additional services like onsite video or onsite photo slide show
- additional photographer and/or videographer
- free prenup
- upgrade of services for minimal price or for free
- lesser charge on out of town services

Wedding Rings

- additional embedded diamond
- free aras
- free silver mock up rings


- free additional head
- lesser charge for out of town rates

Wedding Gown

- free accessories

Happy haggling!


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