Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wedding Tip for the Week

It's Tuesday girls and boys and this day has been alloted for tips that can help make your wedding day as successful and organized as it can ever be.

For the first tip from this wedding blogsite, I suggest to you that you make a checklist of all the places you want your picture taken on your wedding day. You can also jot down poses you want you do or even better, gather sample photos you want to imitate for easier execution. This checklist will help you not forget anything. It will also help your photographer/s meet your expectations. They may be professionals and some may even be experienced but they are not mind readers. Plus, their taste does not specifically translate to your taste. Your photographer/s will appreciate your checklist since this will make their jobs easier.

Now I wish I have done this on our wedding. This is one important lesson I learned the hard way. Hope no reader will make it again. :)

Happy preparations!


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