Friday, July 31, 2009

Wedding Onsite Videos

Another wedding must have nowadays is the wedding onsite video wherein you show your guests what happened during the preparations and the wedding itself. Of course, the presentation is done artfully ala music video style so not to bore the guests. The wedding onsite video is also a great momento for the couple because they will have something to show of their wedding while wiating for the photos and video to be processed.

Here are some tips on how to get the best wedding onsite video for your wedding:

1. Tell your videographer the concept that you want for your wedding onsite video. In my case, I didn't want the vows to be heard because I want my guests to feel our love through the song. If I forgot to orient of videographer then I may have ended having an onsite video I don't even like.

2. In choosing the song, keep in mind how you want your wedding video to come out. Do you want it to be dramatic, touching or with a tinge of comedy? Also, your theme song may not be best suited for your wedding onsite video for it may not jive with the concept. In my case, I played my songs of choice over and over again imagining the wedding onsite video I have in mind and what will suit it. I finally decided on Chiristian Bautista's Till I found you and the result is fantastic.

Here is our onsite video to best demonstrate what I am talking about.

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