Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wedding Bright Ideas: Ice Cream Station on Your Wedding

Another great substitution for a dessert buffet that is also gaining popularity nowadays is the ice cream station. It is very easy to set-up since your ice cream provider will usually let you borrow a freezer for your occasion. You just set it up in a corner and decorate according to taste/theme/motif and you already have an ice cream station ready for your wedding! In the Philippines, Fiorgelato is one of the ice cream companies that is now offering ice cream stations for rent for weddings. Here are their quotes:

6 gallons (6 flavors) - 6,000 (good for 150 guests)
8 gallons (8 flavors) - 6,500 (good for 200 guests)
10 gallons (10 flavors) - 7,000 (good for 250 guests)

* Free cups and cones, with freezer and 1 scooper.
** Free delivery

Interested parties may contact Mr. Doc Villacorta at09189343810.

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