Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Wedding Hair Accesories

A new and hot hair accessory is now available for brides! Meet the stone encrusted headbands from Jennifer Behr's collection! Headbands have always been a good hair accessory choice for brides but this new collection of Jennifer Behr has put the hair accessory to a new level. Decorated with swarovsky crystals, this head piece can be worn on your wedding or any formal party you may attend to in the future. But this headband is not for the on a budget bride since the price range for these beauties are from $200 to $600! You may purchase this beautiful stone encrusted piece online since I think it is still not available in the country. Only actress Anne Curtis is known to have one in the Philippines as of date!

Some photos to drool on:









*** all images from Jennifer Behr's site

5 Yorum var:

~Lorna~ said...

sister..nice ano? kaka-post ko lang ng fave Jennifer Behr's sa blogspot ko...ahehehe..drooling ako ever! haha!

SwitSexyThing said...

naku sis, ikaw ang inspiration ko jan totoo lang. im really trying to make this wedding blog to take off kaso medyo diko pa alam ano mga isusulat ko. hehe

Jans said...

hi sis! grabe, uber nice ng mga 'to! pero kakaloka naman ang price! ahaha!!

SwitSexyThing said...

oo nga eh. gusto ko din nga. kaso saan ko naman isusuot? hehe

lornadahl said...

OMG. This is perfect for me! Obsessed pa mandin ako sa hippie headbands lately!

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